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Product Code : ARG723
Product Description


ARG SLIPPER MASSAGER (ARG 723) are specially designed according to acupressure point’s technique in Chinese traditional medicine.

Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses key pressure points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. When these points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote blood circulation and the body’s life force to aid healing. Our slippers will actively stimulate these pressure points while you are wearing them (walking or standing), to help relieve headaches, migraines, stomach aches, tiredness etc.

Just get into those fabulous slippers and start feeling the difference within a few moments.Healthy feet is very important for your body. Connect your massage slippers and relax!



·        Physical therapy electrode pads are helpful to massage the whole body.

·        Flexible massage for whole body

·        Four massage modes: scrapping, vibrating, acupuncture and massage.

·        Micro computer set is easy to operate with LCD Display.



·        Its biological wave information can reflect to the brain

·        The massage slippers are also designed specifically to help patients with high blood pressure

·        They increase the blood circulation of your feet which means more blood will circulate and give you an energised feeling fading away the pain.

·        Proper blood circulation will help to treat other existing illness as well.

·        These specially designed slippers will give you more energy and help you leave behind lethargy and fatigue.

·        Remove Fatigue

·        Ease muscle pain

·        Alleviate nerve palsy

·        Improve metabolism.


·        BRAND : ARG

·        MODEL : ARG 723

·        POWER SUPPLY : DC 5V

·        BATTERIES : 3 Pieces (1.5V)

·        IN THE BOX: IPC LCD Monitor, 2pcs sticker pads, wire, 1 pair of magnet slippers, instruction manual.





·        Gently open the cell box, put three pieces of 1.5V batteries into it, and closes the cell box. (DC4.5V power adaptor can be also applied).

·        Stick the electrode pads onto appropriate parts of the body that need to be massaged, and then connect conducing wire with electrode pads correctly.

·        Open the On-Off knob of the main machine and the sketch of the working mode under manual’s procedure will display on the screen. You may choose different therapy modes (acupuncture, scrapping, cupping and massage) just according to your personal preference, and the default therapy mode is “scrapping”.

·        The therapy speed and intensity of the machine can be adjusted flexibly, so please tune it from lower to higher.

·        When you press button “repeat” in the automatic program, you may enjoy different parts of the therapy (such as shoulder, waist, joints, hands, feet and legs) repeatedly.

·        Default working time of the machine is fifteen-minute, and the machine will automatically stop once it continually works for fifteen minutes. The machine also has five-second self checking function, and the machine will cut off once removing the electrode pads from the skin with five seconds automatically.

·        The machine can be applied to foot therapy once connecting the conducting wire and massage slippers properly.

When stopping the machine, please turn the power off through switching the On-Off knob, and reset the power switch once it needs to be worked again.
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