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Product Code : ARG725
Product Description


ARG MORNING WALKER (ARG 725) is a scientifically designed machine which gives you exercise for the full body. By doing so, it gives the benefit of 10000 brisk walk steps in just 15 minutes of operation. The exercise machine promotes general health by increasing blood circulation in the user’s body while toning up the muscles of your body. Morning Walker is an aerobic exercise. The concept of this Walker is based on principle of Gold Fish Movement. This Walker will give the left & right swinging motion from toe to head like fish swimming, maintaining the spinal cord and respiratory system in good condition.  Home Walker is scientifically designed machine to give relief from various diseases/ailments.


·        Increased breathing capacity.

·        Balanced autonomic nervous system

·        Improved body fluid base – acid equilibrium.

·        Enhanced internal organ functions.

·        Reduced respiratory system diseases.

·        Strong joints.

·        Eliminates body fat.

·        Reduced muscle fatigue.

·        Relieves back pain, muscle pain and neuralgia.

·        Boosts blood circulation.

·        Usable by all age group.

·        No side effect.



·        BRAND : ARG

·        MODEL : ARG725

·        VOLTAGE : AC 220-230V / 50 HZ

·        POWER CONSUMPTION : Approx. 50 Watts

·        PRODUCT WEIGHT : 5.6 Kgs

·        IN THE BOX:  1 pc Morning Walker with timer control and instruction manual.



Swing Walker Massager gives a left-right fish like movement to the whole body thereby burning fats and toning up muscles.

·        Unpack the Swing Walker Massager from the product box.

·        Plug in the AC wire into the power supply.

·        Lie down on the floor, put both heels on the curve of foot rest of ARG Swing Walker Massager and relax your body.

·        Press the On/Off button on the remote control of the Swing Walker Massager.

·        Select between the 6 speeds levels of this Swing Walker Massager. Ideally start with minimum speed, and increase with time.

·        Select from the time for which you want the product to run.

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