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ARG CRAZY FIT MASSAGER (ARG727 ) is the wonderful Whole Body Vibration Training system that helps you conquer your Weight loss, Body Shaping and Fitness goals - Very Fast and Easily! The Crazy Fit Massage consists of a vibrating platform that the user stands on or performs exercises on which stimulate muscles in a manner that promotes their rapid development.
The movement of the plate stimulates the body's natural "stretch reflex" which causes a spontaneous muscle contraction.
These strong contractions are able to be repeated at a rapid rate. (This speed and intensity of contraction is not possible purely with a conscious contraction). This assists in achieving training or rehabilitation goals more effectively and efficiently.




·        Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design.

·        Extra large console with 3 LED displayer deliver feedback of TIME, SPEED and BODY FAT VALUE.

·        3 build-in workout program, Body Fat Scan.

·        Wide range speed accommodate different workout desirous.

·        Dual steel frame painted with fashionable color.

·        High quality motor deliver smooth workout and able to drive maximum user weight of 150 KGS.

·        Overload current protection, anti-jamming, and anti-static



·         Increase muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility. 

·         Wash out lactic acid and other acidic waste from the body.

·        Improves blood circulation and metabolism.

·        Reduces cellulite

·        Helps in weight loss.

·        Enhances skin and tissue elasticity.

·        Regulates the neural system

·        Prevention of osteoporosis through the maintenance of flexibility in the bones

·        Anti-stress and relaxation



·        BRAND : ARG

·        MODEL : ARG727

·        MAXIMUM POWER : 1500 W

·        MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT : 150 Kgs

·        IN THE BOX: 1 Pc Crazy Fit Massager with wire.



·        Assemble the ARG Crazy Fit Massager, which is very easy.

·        Plug the massager to the electric socket.

·        Stand on the foot board and press the power button to “On” the massager.

·        Select the program level according to your need.

·        The footplate oscillates at increased levels to enhance and stimulate blood flow and tone the muscle.

Increase or decrease speed when desired.